Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tips to Improve Heart wellness

Heart disease occurrence is getting rampant these days and this calls for carefulness. The heart is a very important organ in the body that we can't even live without. It certainly works all day alongside with the brain. Hence, there is no doubt that ensuring its wellness is paramount. Below are tips on how we can improve the wellbeing of our heart.

1.  Reduce Body Weight: This is for the obese or overweight individuals. Overweight and obesity comes with High Blood Pressure (HBP) which signifies that the heart is under stress and prolonged stress on the heart is very risky.

2. Exercise: Exercise is an essential tool in keeping the whole body in good health, hence, it is helpful in the effective heart functioning. This is also a tool in which one can reduce excessive fats/weight and also keep the body generally active which could also prevent disease (improves blood flow, hence, the white blood cells which are the body army reaches round the body quickly and blocks room for parasites growth).

3. Eat Foods Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acid: This reduces the blood pressure of the body (increased blood pressures gives more work to the heart which could cause heart failure). Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are; eggs, walnuts, soybeans, sardines etc.

4. Eat Anti-inflammatory Foods: When injury occurs in the heart, inflammation occurs. Eating food rich in anti-inflammatory compounds like quercetin, would help in keeping the heart healthy and strong. Foods rich in anti-inflammatory compounds are; apple, red wine, green vegetable, beans, tea, grapefruit etc.

OTHER FOODS/FRUITS ESSENTIAL FOR  A HEALTHY HEART are; avocado pear, olive oil, mango, oranges, yogurt, peanut, whole grain products, watermelon, tomato, red pepper, paw-paw, carrot, guavas etc.

5. Avoid Food High in Sodium: Sodium increases blood pressure which could cause hypertension. Eating saltly food rich in sodium, cause additional strain on the heart which can lead to heart failure. Foods rich in Potassium is an antidote for sodium rich foods. A well known fruit that contain high potassium is banana.

6. Avoid Junks and Food High in Sugar.

7. Avoid Tobacco: Smoking of tobacco destroys vitally all the organs in the body and the heart is certainly not an exception. Either smoking or non-smoking tobacco in-take or chew, it is harmful to the heart.

If you know more, please comment and add your view.

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  1. The heart is a very vital organ in the body and we can't do without it. Caring for it is then Paramount.