Monday, 16 May 2016


 The word being earnest in my own definition means 'purposeful', 'passionate' etc. Being earnest or passionate about whatsoever you do would lead you to heights you wouldn't imagine. Being earnest entails staying focused and determined. Imagine this: A boy was told by his Aunt whom he had lived with for fifteen years that his parent lives in the middle of a thick forest. The young boy who had never known his parent would automatically be passionate to see and know them. Passion can make one take dangerous risks just to see a positive result. Despite the hurdles on the way to see his parent in the thick forest, his passion and purposeful heart would overcome them all.

Once again, I would say 'PASSION CAN MAKE SOMEONE TAKE DANGEROUS RISKS JUST TO SEE A POSITIVE RESULT'. A man without purpose and passion cannot achieve anything. Hence:

Number one importance of being earnest is that IT MAKES YOU AN ACHIEVER. To climb the ladder of success, you must be an achiever. Achievements all depends on your passion; it could be helping the needy ones, it could be providing a means of education for the needy, it could be reaching the world with the gospel via preaching, writings or songs, it could be providing employments etc. Achievement means a service to mankind. This leads to the second importance of being earnest.

Number Two: MAKES YOU A GOOD LEADER. The call for leadership is only for the passion driven persons. Persons full of the desire to service and touch lives. Being earnest prepares you for leadership. At this point , I think leadership would be the next article to write on. A good and successful leader is one whose passion and vision is to build and bring out the best in his followers.

Number Three: BRINGS PROMOTION. Looking at 'being earnest from the point of view of an employee. An employer would be pleased and willing to display an employee of passion to the world. Example, lets say Mr. Ibe is working with Balmybreeze Reality Printing Press as an editor. If Mr. Ibe shows an attitude of desire, passion and zeal, that can earn him a promotion as deputy Editor. A PASSION DRIVEN WORKER IS THE JOY OF HIS BOSS.